AI is just IFTTT……..or, software

Acronyms, jargon, call it whatever you like but AI (Artificial Intelligence) is, in my humble opinion, just IFTTT (If this then that) which we tend to call , now let me think, ….software, that’s it.

AI suggests some sort of robot intelligence or action that means that a non-human could cure cancer, go and do the shopping or even improve Arsenal’s defence. All of which are not yet foreseeable.

AI is advertised as Chatbots (a database with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) ) , machine learning (the machine doesn’t learn) and home management (Alexa, are you AI ?) . All of these things are software, some with algorithms (logic) that’s quite cute.

Until Hal, the computer from 2001; a Space Odyssey (released in 1968 !) says “Sorry Barrie, I’ve worked out that you are going to need diabetes medication in 2024 (still software in my opinion) I’m sticking with the fact that software is getting better, faster and has more data than ever. It is therefore smarter rather than intelligent.

mpro5 does all sorts of smart stuff, it is not artificial, but it is quite intelligent – It just processes data with (very) smart code (software) . Hopefully true AI will stun us all eventually – but at the moment it is the latest “buzz” that sells more software

**Thanks to Dale Walker, a writer for ITPro for the article here