Foldables (what a word)

What a word. What a concept. A fordable phone, a foldable computer. My spell checker doesn’t like foldable but I think I do.

The problem with phones is that, even with my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (soon to be a Note 20) it is too big, and too small at the same time. It fits in a pocket (just) , always feels slightly vulnerable and doesnt quite give me the experience I want as a (very) small tablet.

So, I am very (very) interested in the Galaxy Fold 2, with some more info from the nice folks at cnet here and also TechRadar here. I think that the Fold 2 would provide a tablet experience when required, If you are using a business app like mpro5 you might check for jobs on a single screen and open things like the canvas control on the folded out slate.

While we are thinking foldables (that word again) let’s think about the upcoming Surface Duo from Microsoft which, wait for it, runs on Android (!). Now that’s an interesting combo is it not ?

Panos Panay at Microsoft says that they are reinventing the wheel here (or at least reinventing terms for the wheel) as it’s “not a smartphone” and “not a phablet” . So it’s a …..

Speaking if the Surface Duo it is a smaller version of the Surface Neo (what next, Surface Keanu?). You can read about both at The Verge. Of course the Neo will run Android Windows X which is, well, a cut down version of Windows.

For all 3 devices I rather suspect that one limiting item might be price…..and that, to a degree, is the only thing that pays the manufacturer for this kind of innovation. I’ll probably be forking out for one, let’s see who the winner is in the Autumn…..

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