Digital transformation is sloowwww

I get a regular email from some nice people at Momenta Partners ( They have recently written to me about digital transformation and how long it takes. The main problem, to me anyway, is that strategies are great, but if they take too long the world turns and things change.

Bitcoin ! BlockChain ! AI! AR! VR!

Boards of Directors want these game changers because they seek “new, shiny” things

Let’s have a look at the Momenta Report here


1-3 years !?. 68% of responders expect to see benefits in 1-3 years. With mpro5 we expect our clients to see benefits in 1-3 months after full implementation. In three years, the world will have changed and there will be a new BlockAIBitARVR for leaders to get excited about and the old strategy Will.Slowly.Die

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