Turkeys voting for Christmas?

I read that Tom Tom have surveyed a number of firms that are “under using” their investments in technology. I find this unsurprising, as users and managers often see tech as disruptive, awkward and “not as good as the old way”

Why not embrace technology ? Spend time training yourself (YouTube anyone?) rather than waiting for a course. Invest your own time in becoming more tech savvy and then help your colleagues. I have more apps on my phone than anyone in our business, just because I like to look for new tech – and find better ways of doing things. Hotels,com, OpenTable, Outlook and Spotify are just a part of my day now.

So, why the reference to Turkeys? Well, if you see tech as replacing your role, why not find another role, or make an investment in you AND tech – or, of course, form an escape committee…

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