Ready made apps ?

I read with interest this article on why ready made apps are a potential solution for the “lag” between the time it takes enterprise “apps” to be commissioned and rolled out . One premise is that such apps take, perhaps, four months or more to get to the users. I would really emphasis the “or more” and also include “the 12th of never”.

I don’t believe however that non IT types will be knocking out apps on the fly, at least not without consequences to end users. It is relatively easy to create an app these days. My music school has recently created one, but the very nice chap (Hi Dan) has run into some difficulties in the process, that a development house would be able to sort out very quickly.

My view is that apps will become truly cross platform, truly web friendly and even more prevalent that they are today – I really do believe, however that organisations need to think through security, data protection, scalability etc before rushing to the conclusion that a ready made app will solve their problems …

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