Magpies & Ostriches – which are you ?

The CBI have printed a report here which highlights a problem that we see all the time. failure to adopt, failure to move, paralysis in fear of the unknown.  Some organisations seem to think that a bad “known” is better than a complete “unknown” . What about the “unknown unknowns” (per Donald Rumsfeld) ?

Of course with technology now available as a service the old adages of “2 years and $2 million” on software projects do not apply (if organisations have any sense) – so organisations can now simply turn off the tap marked “Cost” if apps or tech do not function correctly .

I have always found huge parts of industry to be like an Ostrich – and a pretty frightened Ostrich at that . Tech solutions and apps can revolutionize the way we do things, we see that from Tesco deliveries to mobile banking to flight tickets. Of course the Ostrich is a flightless bird…..

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