Tesla updates software for Irma

I’m a big fan of Tesla. Haven’t quite been able to push the button on a Model X, but have come close on a few occasions . I read today that the company rolled out an over the air update to its cars in Florida to allow extra range on its cars. I understand from Alphr that an extra 30 – 40 miles was “unlocked”

Here at Crimson Tide, we are close to rolling out our own IOT sensors (probably Q1, 2018) and have an IOT strategist and a new IOT developer on board. We usually envisage saving time and money, but in Tesla’s case they may be saving lives. That will be a new ambition for us, but something we are quite used to , with our mpro5 haemophilia service.

Imagine noticing that a room had gotten colder than usual, a sensor asking mpro5 to make a simple automated phone call. If there were no reply twice, maybe ask a family member (automatically) to confirm (using mpro5) that an elderly relative was OK ? Tesla levels? Maybe..

You can see more of what we are doing at mpro5.com

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