(Lack of) Productivity in UK Business

I sometimes wonder if it is a good thing to state the obvious.

The number of UK holidays for employees seems to start at 20 days, plus of course bank holidays) Is that 28?. In any event, anyone who has worked for a business for a while, or a manager or director seems to expect more . Some would be at a total of 38 days holiday. Paid, of course, plus the cost of pension contribution on that, plus NI.

Stark differences: A chart compiled by the Center for Economic and Policy Research shows that workers in the U.S. get zero paid vacation days, while countries in Europe fare much better

credit : Daily Mail, thrillist.com

It seems to me that the UK cannot afford that amount of time off work. There’s a new initiative launched today at https://www.bethebusiness.com/ and I think dealing with excess holiday is one first step to improving productivity. I also think that the “summer shutdown” (for school holidays) and “Christmas shutdown” have to be curtailed. School holidays are archaic in their position in the calendar. Eliminating DST in England could also help.

Finally, of course, on my own specialist subject, organisations could start by eliminating manual, paper based processes. From simple auditing to complex workflows, mpro5 can improve productivity across almost all businesses, from SME to Enterprise. The savings in time might even pay for holidays….

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